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wee Firest! woot

Secundi! wootsage

Where the hell did sage come from huh

No idea, maybe it has to do with the idiot that tried to hack outlr chatterbox angry. Atleast he failed q86 /me 3rd btw cool

_[B.A.D]_ Raspberry Pi server update
Contributed by: MI-78-05-2020 @ 18:43:05
Since the start of Corona crisis MOHAA seems to be more and more popular. This popularity is great for all MOHAA enthousiasts ofcourse!

The user count on our little Raspberry Pi MOHAA server is reaching its max more and more.

Before it was running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ wich was overwhelmed. Resulting in serverlag and slow server messages in game.
I have now moved the MOHAA server to a Raspberry pi4 (4GB) and no more slow server messages! Everything seems smooth now.

Also the cooling problem is solved with a full aluminium covering heatsink.

It is really nice to see that the last few weeks the server is often full or almost full

Contributed by: Ayreon14-05-2020 @ 0:23:7
Good job! keep up the work woot

Contributed by: vbndfegoryMah8-08-2021 @ 13:38:2
Il est utilise pour restaurer un rythme cardiaque normal et pour maintenir une frequence cardiaque reguliere et constante. L`amiodarone est connue comme un medicament anti-arythmique. Il bloque certains signaux electriques dans

Contributed by: JadfecobCex23-08-2021 @ 22:13:56
Pendant toutes les annees d`utilisation du medicament, une enorme quantite de recherche et d`experimentation a ete menee.
Les comprimes du medicament doivent etre pris par voie orale avec beaucoup d`eau. Pour un meilleur effet, il vaut mieux le faire une heure avant l`intimite sexuelle attendue.

Contributed by: kklisures12331-08-2021 @ 3:57:53
Hello. And Bye.

Contributed by: Richardaxork4-09-2021 @ 6:45:55

Contributed by: KevinFex9-09-2021 @ 13:27:45

Contributed by: Equiflox17-09-2021 @ 11:51:7

Contributed by: Keith2Roaro19-09-2021 @ 9:9:41
Thank you

Contributed by: Dwaynebeern24-09-2021 @ 17:50:21

Contributed by: Ronni1eNon25-09-2021 @ 4:19:3
Thanks so much

Contributed by: DavidNor1-10-2021 @ 18:10:46
Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrenderboys ;)

Contributed by: DavidNor13-10-2021 @ 16:32:23
Hello guys. And Bye.

neversurrenderboys ;)

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